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Our team will deliver and maintain quality projects because they love it. Whilst we believe professionalism is a given, we also expect that our team have fun whilst delivering a quality project with great service. If our staff enjoy what they do the quality work will come through. So along with professional training for OH&S and improving
their skills in landscape works we also encourage social activities after hours and encouraging a laugh at work, this all helps to get the job done!
When our clients choose to proceed with an external works contractor they want to be confident that the company has the resources to complete the project, both financially and physically both in personnel and equipment. With Landscape Solutions™ they are confident they have a contractor who will get the job done. We regularly work for clients who need this confidence in their contractor and we reward them with a quality project done on time.
Apprentices are the faces of the future.
Many industries face a severe skills shortage, landscaping being one of them. Landscape Solutions™ has continued the employment and training of our apprentices.
We see these young men and women as our future and we ensure they are highly skilled in not only delivering high quality landscapes but also exceptional customer service. Today we proudly employ 24 apprentices from 1st to 4th year.